Ear Monsterz

Feeling of Dance and Energy takes over as you move on the Floor with a combination of Progressive, Electro and Tech House masterfully applied to make the toughest pellet in music salivate.

Over 30 years in the making... That's an understatement from the moment the first beat is played to the moment you look at your dance partner saying "wow"... Ear Monsterz prides itself with combining Rhythm Base and Melody that has been influenced by the Master DJ's in the past 30 years. Will it be good enough to get you on the Dance Floor and keep you there? You be the Judge! DJ Ear Monster (aka DJ E.B.Bad) has been spinning beats since 1981 in Chicago and San Francisco Bay Area and was instrumental in putting House Music on the map. He has single handedly launched so many careers by incorporating House Music in his mixes and taking them to the real test track: the Dance Floors of America... Give it a listen and just lose yourself in the feeling of Dance and Energy.

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