Ear Monsterz - Dance-ologists

It's taken over 30 years, but we finally decided to put our brains and talents together and create Music that makes the listener want to get up and dance, as well as get inspired to live life to the fullest. We write all of our lyrics from personal experiences and aspirations... We hope that you like them.


Emil "DJ Ear Monster" Bebla ------------ Ninef "Musicman" Arsanos ------



 ---------- Mista G'Cue -------------------- Cassandra Reed -------------



--------- Farshid Amin ------------------------- Marc Samro -------------



--------- Fred Mirza --------------------------- Natasha Joma -------------



--------- June Aja  ---------------------------- Masaki Saito ---------------


------------------------------------- Chereen Melody  -----------------------------------


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Breaking News!

•Ear Monsterz proudly presents "Sober". Our long-awaited full album was released on 27-July-2017. See our main page for more information. This album is available on iTunes and other fine music retailers.


•"Ear Monsterz" is proud to announce that 4 of our songs will were featured in the Hollywood action movie / DocuDrama, "Mobster"... In fact, we are in charge of the entire Movie Soundtrack and Score. Now you know why Ninef and Emil have been so incognito... 


• "Sober " by "Ear Monsterz" was just reviewed by ExposedVocals.com and has gotten Raving Remarks... check it out here... ExposedVocals.com


• Also, here is our Interview that was conducted by "ExposedVocals.com

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